Superior (non-black) chain and linkage spray. Penetrates like oil, lubricates like grease. See SPANJAARD Liquid Grease for heavy duty black coloured aerosol.

•    Motorcycle chains, cables, seat runners, hinges, locks, window mechanisms, wheel jacks.

•    Domestic – hinges, electric garage door slides and chains.

•    Suitable for standard and “O” ring type chains.

•    For chains, linkages and cables.

•    Contains low friction soluble molybdenum in a special lubricating base.

•    Penetrates deep into linkages and remains adhered to surfaces in inaccessible places to give long-lasting protection under demanding conditions.

•    Resists fling-off and is highly water-resistant.

•    Non-staining.

•    360° valve technology allows spraying at all angles including upside down.