NOVASYN™ Diesel System Treatment, the most advanced friction – reducing technology commercially available is a multi-functional package containing the state of the art advance technology Boron CLS Bond which was proven to reduce carbon and varnishes, thus keeping your fuel system cleaner.
It reduces particulate matter and smoke emissions, improves the cetane of diesel fuel.

NOVASYN™ Diesel System Treatment is designed provide greatly enhanced lubricity to low sulfur diesel fuel because of an active chemical process which creates a near-permanent micro layer of extremely low friction crystal lattice molecular structures that become part of the metallic surfaces thus reducing friction, metal wear, oxidation, corrosion and emissions. Additionally, the boron derivatives act as a highly effective biocide.

NOVASYN™ Diesel System Treatment reduces hard start and engine hesitation and is also a highly effective preventative maintenance tool as it keeps your engine and the environment clean. Your engine will remain cleaner and last longer and will improve in fuel efficiency and engine performance.

NOVASYN™ Diesel System Treatment may be blended to all diesel fuels

  • Clean fuel system and prevent deposit
  • Improves cetane number and provides maximum lubricity
  • Improves Fuel efficiency
  • Restore lost power and acceleration
  • Reduce hard starts and engine hesitation
  • Protects against Corrosion
  • Reduced emissions