NOVASYN™ Gasoline System Treatment, the most advanced friction – reducing technology commercially available is a multi-functional package blended with the state of the art advance technology Boron CLS Bond which not only makes a contribution to boost octane and fuel lubricity, its also cleans the combustion chambers and remove any deposits thus resulting in enhance performance and emission reduction from vehicles.

NOVASYN™ Gasoline System Treatment is designed provide greatly enhanced lubricity to low sulfur gasoline fuel because of an active chemical process which creates a near-permanent micro layer of extremely low friction crystal lattice molecular structures that become part of the metallic surfaces thus reducing friction, metal wear, oxidation, corrosion and emissions. Additionally, the boron derivatives act as a highly effective biocide and clean fuel injectors and carburetors, and prevent rust and corrosion

Regular usage of NOVASYN™ Gasoline System Treatment will upkeep the cleanliness of key fuel system components and combustion chamber to achieve an optimum combustion processes resulting in energy and fuel efficiency, enhance performance and reduce emission.

  • Cleans fuel injectors, intake valves, and carburetors
  • Improves Fuel efficiency
  • Restore engine performance; lost power and acceleration
  • Reduce hard starts and engine hesitation
  • Helps eliminate rough idle and knocking
  • Protects against corrosion and reduces wear
  • Reduces knock and ping
  • Reduce emissions