Rock Oil CVT Fluid is a multi-vehicle, 100% synthetic, Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid developed to provide the specific frictional characteristics demanded of the latest CVT units fitted to cars.

  • Excellent Metal Friction Characteristics
  • Modern CVT units use metal belts and pulleys in place of the torque converters used in regular automatic
    transmissions, and it is the friction between those belts and pulleys that transmits the power. Its special formulation
    prevents wear at the metal-metal contact points on the belts and pulleys.
  • Compatible with all types of Passenger Cars with Metal-Belt CVTs
    CVT Fluid offers excellent torque transfer capacity between metal components as well as good anti-shudder
    performance, but improving the antishudder performance usually requires a sacrifice in the metal-metal torque
  • Rock Oil CVT Fluid is suitable for use where the following specifications are recommended by the OEM:
    Toyota CVTF TC, CVTF FE
  • Nissan Matic D, NS-1, NS-2
  • Honda HMMF (Not with starting clutch), HCF2
  • Mitsubishi SP-III, CVTF-J1
  • Subaru ECVT, iCVT Daihatsu Ammix CVT
    Suzuki CVTF TC, NS-2, CVT Green 1
  • Hyundai SP-III
  • Chrysler Jeep NS-2
  • Mini Cooper EZL799

Not suitable for use in Dry or Toroidal CVT’s or where Nissan CVT Fluid KTF-1 is recommended.