Spanjaard Lectro Kleen K2 is a non-flammable precision contact cleaner that provides a safe and convenient method of cleaning electronic and electrical equipment.

Spanjaard Lectro Kleen K2 is formulated for use as a solvent for cleaning electronic instruments and devices in and around food processing areas, where its use is not intended for direct food contact. The aerosol is registered with the NSF as a category K2 solvent cleaner. The product is Halaal and Kosher certified. 

To function efficiently, electronic equipment must be absolutely clean. The presence of minute amounts of contamination on switches, controls, relays, etc., causes a build up of resistance, which interferes with the flow of current.

Spanjaard Lectro Kleen K2 with selected solvents of the highest purity, is especially suited for cleaning electric/electronic components. 

Common uses include removing grease, dirt and grime from:

  • Electronics: Control panels, circuit boards, relays.
  • Electrical: Switches, electro-mechanical devices, appliances, computers.
  • Telecommunications: TV, transceivers, connectors.
  • Avionics: Radar, navigational equipment.

Caution: Given the enormous range of plastics and elastomer/plastic, compatability tests should always be done to check compatibility before use.

ABS, Polystyrene, Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and some nylons are not compatible with Spanjaard Lectro Kleen K2.

Features: Spanjaard Lectro Kleen K2 is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-conductive and can be sprayed onto live equipment. Evaporates rapidly without leaving any film or residue. Reduces costs as components can be cleaned in situ without prior dismantling and also eliminates damage due to hand cleaning.

Directions for use: Remove food products and packaging from the area or carefully protect them before using this product. Allow odours to dissipate before re-exposing food products and packaging materials.