Synthesis 4-Racing – The most advanced fully synthetic four stroke engine lubricant available.

Synthesis 4-Racing is a complex blend of pure synthetic base stocks, coupled with state of the art additive technology, and is formulated to pass every test and high performance test specification known, providing an impressive list of approvals.

During extensive development testing, Synthesis 4-Racing proved to be an oil for extremes. Its wide viscosity range (15W-50) gives top protection from cold start conditions to the severe heat of competition whilst the complex range of additives significantly reduces wear and keeps your engine internally clean.

  • Outstanding thermal and shear stability
  • Exceptionally low volatility
  • Excellent control of engine deposits and blow-by contamination
  • Superb wear protection
  • Significantly reduces friction, releasing full engine power
  • Passes crucial clutch friction test required to meet the latest JASO MA2 specification, allowing safe, predictable use in wet clutch applications

Synthesis 4-Racing meets or exceeds the following specifications:

  • API SL
  • ACEA A3