Spanjaard FMG-X White Multi-Purpose Grease (Food Grade) is a white, high-performance, multi-purpose grease, suitable for use in extreme pressure and high temperature environments where incidental food contact may occur. Polymer additives confer waterresistant properties. All raw materials used in the manufacture of the product comply with FDA section 21 CFR 178.3570. and the product is registered with the NSF as a category H1 lubricant. It may also be used in packaging, pharmaceutical and other cleanroom environments. Halaal and Kosher certified.

Spanjaard FMG-X White Multi-Purpose Grease (Food Grade) is recommended for the general lubrication of equipment in food and beverage processing plants, including bushes, bearings and other machine parts. Although designed for incidental food contact applications, the excellent lubricating properties allow use in a variety of other applications, allowing rationalisation of lubricants. Provides very good water resistance properties which protect equipment against rusting especially in humid seasonally in-operative plants. Anti-wear additives protect against metal-to-metal contact giving longer machine life and greater productivity.