NOVASYN™ ATF treatment with the state of the art advance technology Boron CLS Bond is designed to protect the moving parts against the degrading effects of wear and moisture resulting in power and fuel loss and to extend the life and lower the operating temperature of your automatic transmission.

NOVASYN™ ATF treatment the most advanced friction – reducing technology commercially available will blend with your automatic transmission fluid and contains boron-based components that toughens rotating components, inhibits overheating, smooth out clutch shudder, clears stuck valve bodies and locked governors, and improves shift patterns and protect vital working parts from friction and corrosive elements. It provides durable, long-lasting wear surfaces and transmission performance is enhanced with wear greatly reduced.

Boron CLS Bond in NOVASYN™ ATF treatment will bond a micro-layer of solid lubricant film onto any metal surfaces. This micro-layer of protection provides durable, long-lasting wear surfaces with reduced frictional forces up to an astonishing 80% and reduced frictional wear up to 90%. The micro layer attaches itself via ionic, covalent and hydrogen bonds to virtually any metal surfaces and creates multiple platelet layers on top. These micro layers bonds are so strong that pre-existing dirt, rust and carbon varnishes are displaced. The companion layer on top is composed of CLS (crystal lattice structure) platelets that slide over each other almost effortlessly, – much like a deck of playing cards. These nearly indestructible bonds literally change the metal surface’s characteristics and create a self-healing friction barrier that blocks oxygen to prevent corrosive activity and has hardness equal to 85% of a diamond.

  • Improves Performance & Efficiency
  • Inhibits Overheating and reduces operating temperatures
  • Insures Proper Shift Patterns and improves shift patterns
  • Reduces Clutch Shudder & Chatter and Discourages Hung Governors
  • Highly Adhesive, Waterproof, Non-staining
  • Reduces Wear, Pitting & Corrosion
  • Provides Maximum Lubricity
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Resistance to high temperature oxidation and fluid thickening
  • Excellent low temperature characteristics even at temperature below -40°C
  • Compatible with commonly used seal materials
  • Its friction-modifying properties ensure consistent, smooth shifts in all driving conditions