NOVASYN™ Gear Treatment with the state of the art advance technology Boron CLS Bond can make a dramatic improvement on the performance of manual transmissions, gearboxes, final drives and transaxles.

NOVASYN™ Gear Treatment, the most advanced friction – reducing technology commercially available is designed to improves shifting in manual transmissions, reduces wear on gears and rolling elements, lowers operating temperatures and prolongs fluid life. The end result is lower operating temperatures, longer equipment life and more power. It provides high temperature stability to prevent coating of synchros and gears and has excellent chemical and thermal stability over a wide range of temperatures.

NOVASYN™ Gear Treatment will bond a micro-layer of solid lubricant film onto any metal surface. This micro-layer of protection is bonded to any metal surfaces with strong covalent and ionic bonds. It provides durable, long-lasting wear surfaces. The new surface also blocks oxygen to prevent corrosive activity. It inhibits corrosion and provides optimum protection of gear units and is compatible with seals and gaskets. The product provides excellent low-temperature protection in the pinion-drive bearing channel
NOVASYN™ Gear Treatment not only excellent gear protection, but also improved fuel economy over respective conventional gear lubricants.

NOVASYN™ Gear Oil will mixed with all gear fluid