Zwaluw Universal Cleaning Wipes are quick, convenient and highly effective cleaning wipes. Zwaluw Universal Cleaning Wipes remove uncured silicone, uncured PU foam, oil, most adhesives, paints and grease from hands, tools and surfaces.

Zwaluw Universal Cleaning Wipes will clean hands, tools and surfaces:

  • Sealants & Adhesives: Uncured sealants, epoxy stains, spray glue and rubber cement.
  • Polyurethane foam: Uncured.
  • Grease: Oil, lubricants, ink, dirt, grass stains, petroleum based products.
  • Paint: Acrylic, oil and water based paints. Effective up to 24 hours after the paint has dried.
  • General cleaning: Will refresh and clean old paint and sealants. Ideal for stain removal from most working tops.