Boron CLS Bond® – A Break Through In Lubrication Near Frictionless Surface Coating NOVASYN™ R5 Concentrate Engine Oil Treatment with Boron CLS Bond®, the most advanced friction-reducing technology, has been proven to increase engine power, fuel saving and reduced emissions.

NOVASYN™ R5 forms a self-replenishing 85% near-diamond hard surface on metal parts, providing super-slick surfaces, which result in reduced friction and wear and extends the life and operating range of your engine. These micro-layers of protection provides long-lasting, low-friction surface impervious to most contaminants.

NOVASYN™ R5 Concentrate Engine Oil Treatment is designed to protect and repair any models of engines. Due to revitalization, oil pressure, compression in the cylinders, acceleration and car rolling increases considerably and fuel consumption decreases. It restores the turbo-supercharging of all types and cylinder faces, oil pumps, shafts and bearings, and restores ellipse deformation of cylinders, hence always keeping these mechanisms in top condition.

The Boron CLS Bond®, chemistry in NOVASYN™ is micron to sub micron size – so tiny that particles penetrate into the tightest clearances between metal sliding parts. Once there, the particles are mechanically dispersed and chemically bonded to all metal surfaces in the form of a permanent, yet super-slippery protective boundary layer.

A Proven and Tested Technology!!

  • Reduce friction 80%
  • Reduce wear 90%
  • Reduce (energy) fuel usage by 20%+
  • 100% anti-corrosive
  • Biodegradable
  • Reduce emissions by 50%
  • Reduce component failure by 70%
  • Reduce repair and warranty expense
  • Increase power 6-8% (more horsepower)
  • A solid and permanent boundary lubricant
  • Extreme pressure/Timken loads
  • Repair and Revitalize Engine