PAG Synthetic Gear Lubricants are a range of Polyalkylene Glycol base synthetic fluids, which provide outstanding load carrying properties and excellent thermal stability.

  • Purpose designed to provide excellent corrosion protection (ASTM D665, procedure B pass) and demulsibility characteristics (ASTM D1041)
  • Allow thermally stable operation at temperatures in excess of 200°
  • Typical applications include the lubrication of calendars, and bevel, spiral bevel, helical, enclosed spur and worm gear units. The lubricants are free of sulphur, chlorine and lead based additives.
  • Remain homogenous from below their pour point to temperatures in excess of 250°
  • The anticipated service lifetime of all grades is substantially in excess of 10,000 hours at 100°C in industrial enclosed gear units, the performance allowing for extended drain intervals and, in some cases, for operation as a “Fill for Life” lubricant.
  • General approval has been given for this lubricant range as a Type “G” lubricant in David Brown industrial enclosed gear units.