Rock Oil’s R&D facility has successfully developed the next generation in 100% synthetic racing oils – Synthesis XRP Off-Road. This development, in conjunction with extensive field-trials with leading off-road racing teams has resulted in a significant breakthrough in performance.

Market leading additive technology has been combined with the three types of advanced next generation synthetic base stocks. Tests have shown that conventional synthetic ester base oils of the polar type have an affinity for internal engine surfaces which can actually be detrimental for wear protection. (These esters can compete with additives for the surface, reducing additive performance). Our latest non-polar extreme performance esters do not compete with anti-wear additives for the surface hence the step-change in wear
protection realised by Synthesis XRP Off-Road products demonstrated below:

The Sequence IV-A (ASTM D6891) is the oil industry’s benchmark valve-train wear test.
API SL Allowable = 120 microns maximum wear on cam lobes
API SM & SN Allowable = 90 microns maximum wear on cam lobes

To release full engine power the Synthesis XRP Off-Road Range has been developed to significantly reduce friction without the use of Friction Modifiers. (Commonly known as: Molybdenum Disulphide, Graphite, Teflon® and all Nanotechnology lubricant additives) This is extremely important when the lubricant is used in engines with a wet (oil immersed) clutch.

  • Tri-Synthetic Formula – includes Synthetic Ester, Polyalphaolefin and a proprietary next generation fully synthetic base oil
  • Outstanding resistance to Permanent Viscosity Loss (PVL) through use of active, self healing Viscosity Modifiers– extremely important for Off-Road engines where the crankcase and gearbox use the same oil
  • Exceptionally low NOACK volatility results – results in very low oil consumption
  • Market leading Salicylate detergent/dispersant technology – keeps engine internals ultra clean
  • Unsurpassed wear protection – especially important for high RPM racing engines. Significantly reduces friction without friction modifiers – releases full engine power
  • JASO MA2 clutch friction- allows safe, predictable performance in wet clutch applications.

Synthesis XRP Off-Road Range specifications:

  • API SL
  • JASO MA / MA2